Valentines Murder Mystery Evening – A Dangerous Liaison

Keep your loved one close… and keep your wits about you…there is a murderer amongst us! This St Valentine’s Day themed Murder Mystery has been developed with love and exposes the darker side of love and devotion.

The family had a celebration to plan. Molly, the young and the beautiful daughter of Lord and Lady Grosvenor had recently become engaged to her fiancé, the worldly wise Master Twining who had left his home in Virginia to take over some of the neighbouring land surrounding Croxteth Hall. He was a handsome young gent with a glint in his eye and Molly was clearly devoted to him. They were soon to be married and they had invited the whole family to join in their happiness. But not all was about to go to plan. The betrothed young couple were to discover that love is not always a bed of roses. How could such a joyous event become so twisted, driven with hatred and revenge? What motivates a crime of passion? What leads a person to murder?

Join Lord and Lady Grosvenor for an evening of intrigue, jealousy, desire and deceit. Cast the eye of suspicion on the Lord with the roving eye and the Lady with jealous rage in her eyes. Wine and Dine at your leisure but do not drop your guard. Keep those suspicious minds on full alert and do not get caught in a trap. Those who are wise to the pitfalls of passion will expose the lies, the cheating and ultimately identify the murderer!