Lovehistory’s Murder Mystery Evenings

Where suspense and intrigue are the order of the day!


‘”He’s been murdered! She screamed. His lifeless body fell from behind the large oak door. A blood-stained silver handled knife; the same knife used that very evening at the meal, lay at his side…”

Lord and Lady Sefton, heirs to one of Liverpool’s most famous heritage sites would often entertain their guests at the Hall with evenings of exquisite meals followed by dancing and merriment. Lovehistory would like to continue this Victorian theme with a Murder Mystery evening. This rather splendid occasion promises to keep you at the edge of your seat. In true Victorian splendour there will be food and drink aplenty. You will be treated to a hot buffet, Victorian fancies and plenty of drink to add to this auspicious occasion.

The event will be held in the austere oak panelled library where you will ponder, speculate and try to catch the killer. As you cast the eye of suspicion at each suspect you will be entertained by a team of professional actors who will join you; some will help, some have secrets of their own to hide. You will interrogate them, question them until you begin to put the pieces together and ultimately identify the murderer!

‘The Croxteth Hall Murder Mystery’ evenings have always proved a massive success, great entertainment, interactive fun as well as food and drink. All in all this a great night out!”


“It was December the 18th 1918 when the dreadful event occurred. It was particularly cold that night and the frost covered the grounds, shimmering brightly in the moonlight. The residents of Croxteth Hall were all busy preparing for another festive Christmas, a roaring fire, fine dining and the arrival of their guests. This would have been usual in a place like this but not on this fateful night. This night was a special occasion, a specially prepared Dinner party that would change the fate of the Hall and its inhabitants forever.  

News had come to light from faraway lands of a long lost relative and potential new heir to the Molyneux fortune. William Osbert Molyneux, who was tragically killed in action during WW1, was rumoured to have fathered a child, a son in fact with an American woman. The son, who went through childhood and adolescence without a father goes by the name of Johnny Newlove. Of course this was not his real name but the name he had chosen for himself in order to pursue his career in theatre. He was very theatrical. His birth name was actually, Jonathan Philip Brownlow.

Obviously the news of an illegitimate child surprised and shocked the immediate family and the gossip spiralled out of control, as it would. This could potentially threaten the very foundations of the Hall, the Molyneux lineage and of course the current heirs to the fortune. An announcement such as this was not to be taken lightly and after a full investigation there was sufficient evidence to suggest that Johnny Newlove was in fact a potential new heir. It was time for him to meet the rest of his family.

Johnny is a dashing fellow, charming and playful with adorable manners. He is always well dressed and his presentation would indicate that he is in fact a man of good fortune. He arrived at Croxteth a little earlier than the rest of the guests on this particular evening and he is greeted by the Lady of the house Foxy Brown. Foxy is a southern American Belle, charming, impetuous and irrational at the best of times. What pleased her most about this whole episode was the drama, the upset, the interruption to routine. She also loved the reactions from the rest of the family, especially Seth who fell into a spell of anxiety with the whole affair. Book now to find out more about the delectable Mr Newlove, the pragmatic Mr Seth Sefton,,the vivacious Foxy Brown and their loyal servants…who is murdered and why?”


Late bar available