Fun activities

Do you like snap apple? Then see how many apples you can find in our ghostly maze. Be careful not to wake anybody though…the ghouls and ghosts like the apples too and may not be too happy at them being picked by little mortals. If that’s not to your liking you may want to play Duck Apple with the delightful Lovehistory ghouls…who get very competitive so be careful not to let them duck you. What about Blind Man’s Bluff, a popular Victorian parlour game? Will you walk through our tunnel of terror blindfolded? Do be careful not to awaken the hideous hands from hell who love to grab at the ankles of babes wandering by! They do love to play… There will be fireside ghost stories for them special spine chilling moments, sticky toffee apples and just for the adults, and in true Victorian fashion, we will provide cider and Mulled wine. Lovehistory’s special effects make-up artist will transform you into your favourite ghoul, Dracula, Frankenstein, or any other creature of the night. Adults and children are encouraged to dress up for this momentous nocturnal occasion. Lovehistory’s Halloween event will be an occasion for families and also the more fantastical followers of all that is gory, grotesque and more importantly…absolutely terrifying. Join us…ha ha ha ha